Kamran makes you feel so comfortable in the skin you're in, you don't care if you're half naked in the process! He works with you on what you're comfortable with as well as after with the photo packages and what price range you can work with, etc.

I had such a great time, my fiancé said I should get another session. So I did and again, Kamran didn't disappoint. My fiancé is going to fall in love all over with me again when he see these photos! I didn't think I could do modeling before, but now everyone tells me I could totally do modeling, because of the photos by Kamran!

I feel more invincible, sexy, womanly and ready to pounce, on my man! lol Thank you Kamran for amazing photos yet again and giving me even more self-confidence than before! I highly recommend stepping out of your comfort zone and just book a session with Kamran. He'll make it worth your time.

— Gina


I was delighted with my experience and will recommend this experience to everyone I know wanting this history permanently documented. Thank you!

— Shellie


Kamran photographed me for a Boudior shoot. I feel so blessed that I found him. His cuing for shots was spot on and he made me look better than I could have ever imagined.

My boyfriend was THRILLED by the book Kamran put together. Also, Kamran has a great eye for detail and such an incredible work ethic. My photos had to be rushed to be ready in time for my anniversary so he hand delivered them to me to ensure my happiness!!!

He is so professional and quick to respond when we were working together to pick out the photos to complete my present. This is an experience every woman should have.It was fun, empowering and now I have photos that I love for a lifetime!

— Tiffany


Kamran Zohoori has a unique and highly refined professional touch that brings photographs to life.

When he walked into the studio on the morning of my photo shoot, I could sense he was a man of integrity. His first aim was to establish clear lines of respect and understanding. He sat me across the room and connected me with my intention for showing up. Then he kindly offered his full attention. It was fun. It was creative. The end result was art.

Kamran is skilled at evoking the true emotion behind the images he captures. His studio is a safe space where vulnerability is transformed into strength. It is the honesty of his photographs which makes them so attractive. He has a keen eye for what is most essential and reflects the quality of truth in his work.

Beyond the business package that he presents, Kamran has a very special gift. He is able to reveal a person's inner-most beauty and empowers people to shine. Being photographed by Kamran changed my life. He showed me who I am in a new light and positively impacted the way I now look at the world.

Prepare to be amazed!

— Kat


I had my budoir shoot today and was extremely nervous. I am a relatively reserved person but it was a "gift" from my fiance.

Kamran is a pro - the photos don't even look like me and he managed to coax me into poses that were beautiful and sexy - which I didn't think I had in me. I was kind of nervous during the shoot but now that one of the photos is up on facebook I feel beautiful. What a fantastic process. I can't wait for the rest of the photos to be finished!

— Nicole


Kamran was super cool. He conducted my first ever boudoir shoot and it was a total success. He made me feel as comfortable as can be and the results were great. He has a neat little studio in Los Gatos and he was extremely helpful and creative with my outfits.

I brought my gal bff with me and he let her set up a music playlist for me and we had fun with it. He gives great instruction and knows what makes beautiful photos. These will be the perfect little gift for my man on his 30th.

— Shannon


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